Meet the Real

Qasim Rashid

Too Far-Left for the 1st District

Qasim Rashid is a radical liberal and is far from the typical Democrat that runs in VA-01.

He is as far left as Bernie Sanders (VT), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14), and Ilhan Omar (MN-05) and aligns himself with “the squad” on Capitol Hill.

If elected, Qasim Rashid will champion far-left policies that will negatively affect the First Congressional District of Virginia and the nation.

Hostile to a Growing Economy

Hostile to Virginia job creators; supports an increase in the minimum wage, [1] supports instituting a universal basic income, [2] and wants to abolish Virginia’s right-to-work law. [3]

Pushes the Green New Deal [4]that would limit air and automobile travel, [5] discourage eating meat, [6] increase electricity and gas prices, [7] and cost Americans as much as $93 trillion. [8]

Wants to make broadband a public utility [9] instead of private business ventures, forcing more of your tax dollars to be spent and stifling innovation. [10]

Supports instituting a wealth tax. [11]

Strongly opposed the 2017 tax cuts [12] and has called for a top federal income tax rate of 70 percent or higher. [13]

Crippling Healthcare Policies

Outspoken supporter of Bernie Sanders’s “Medicare for All” proposal, [14] which would convert the U.S. to a government-run, single-payer system that is estimated to cost as much as $32 trillion over ten years. [15]

Would put bureaucracy between you and your doctor, cost more than thirty-two trillion dollars over ten years, [16] and result in tax increases of over 3.9 trillion dollars. [17]

Soft on Illegal Immigration

Says the idea of “illegal immigration” is a concept concocted to protect white supremacy. [18]

Opposes President Trump’s border wall, which he has called a “racist response to a problem we don’t have.” [19]

Attacked Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as the “bigge[st] danger to kids in America.” [20]

Compared America to Nazi Germany and other fascist regimes after tear gas was used at the southern border. [21]

Opposed the Trump Administration’s policies on refugees and migrants, likening them to those of Nazi Germany. [22]

Anti-Second Amendment

Attacked the National Rifle Association as a terrorist organization, calling it the White ISIS. [23]

Called unrestricted gun ownership an idea that needs “destruction” and likened it to slavery. [24]

Refers to pro-gun community as “ignorant liars.” [25]

Supports banning “assault weapons” and requiring citizens to be licensed and wait 28 days before they can buy a gun. [26]

He has recommended emulating Great Britain, Australia and Germany on gun control – all three of which ban many common guns and impose severe restrictions on gun-owning citizens. [27]


Called pro-life people hypocrites, saying they were “pro-torture” and “pro-concentration camps for babies” but “screaming unholy outrage if a teen rape victim seeks an abortion.” [28]

Mocked pro-life supporters of the Second Amendment.“If the pro-gun/pro-life crowd truly believed prayers alone can stop gun violence—they’dve proven it by now by stopping all abortion w/prayer.” [29]

Supports federal funding for abortions. [30]

Foreign Policy

While he has been clear in condemning terrorism and extremism, he has rejected labels, claiming there is “no such thing as ‘Islamic terrorism”. [31]

Made light of Islamic terror threats, claiming more Americans were killed by their own furniture since 9/11. [32]

Blames hatred of America on military and soldiers. [33]